MARCH 2019

Hopefully, you enjoyed the February issue of the Bulletin. From the feedback received readers did find the content most useful, do remember to provide feedback, be it praise or criticism. The BAPC has been working hard on creating a new website and should you visit www.bapc.co.uk you will see a provisional version. Again, your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. It has long been our ambition for the industry to come together for the benefit of all and the BAPC has put its money where its mouth is. It has been agreed to
sponsor a number of events being organized by the IPIA. Those who have
attended BAPC conferences in the past know how good these events were and
there is every confidence that the IPIA functions will be up to those standards
and will perhaps go beyond. Preliminary information is below and you are
strongly encouraged to take full advantage of not only the subsidized cost of
the conferences but of the information you will receive by participating.

In this Issue:-
• Working together
• Message from Mike
• Business news
• Notes from Nigel
• Solutions Awards
• A campaign to consider
• Sign & Digital
• Looking forward

The BAPC sponsors IPIA events
Enhancing member support and
strengthening positive industry

With the UK print industry enjoying green shoots of growth across the sector—
from book and niche magazine printing through to high-end direct mail—two of
its key trade associations are collaborating to help feed this positive trend.
The British Association for Print and Communication (BAPC) is to sponsor the
Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) Spring Networking Lunch, as
well its Spring and Autumn Conferences.
Sidney Bobb, BAPC Chairman stated: “The BAPC and the IPIA share the
aspiration to do the very best for their members. By working together
and utilising economies of scale we can offer members some great
commercial opportunities at affordable prices. We are delighted to
sponsor these events, which will prove to be beneficial for the whole of
the industry.”
Marian Stefani, CEO of the IPIA added: “Both of our organisations
continuously strive to raise the tide for the UK print industry and so it
makes complete sense for us to work together to further strengthen our
tools to achieve this goal.”
Both the IPIA and the BAPC are deeply committed to adapting to reflect the
market and the different needs of their members. This process is fundamental
to their future and joint role in supporting the industry as powerful voices
promoting print to the wider world.
The BAPC’s sponsorship of these three key events mean that they are opened
to its members on a heavily subsidised basis so they can learn, network, and
understand the long-term technological and market trends affecting our industry
in order to adapt and thrive.
IPIA Spring Networking Lunch
The IPIA Spring Networking lunch is chaired by leading lights from the
membership, who provide key note talks and business intelligence to
attendees. Seating is carefully pre-planned to maximise the effectiveness of
networking and in between courses it is rotated to maximise the opportunity. It
is the perfect way to build strong relationships, source new business, and stay
ahead of the curve when it comes to market trends. Look out for event details

IPIA Spring and Autumn Conference

The IPIA’s conferences are always focussed on educating the members and
attendees from the wider industry about the critical trends they should be
reacting to and indeed how they can get ahead of the curve when it comes to
planning their business, marketing and investment strategies. Taking place in
May and October the IPIA draws on the expertise and depth of knowledge from
its membership to not only make these highly informative and inspiration
events, but also to facilitate business networking between members.
Stefani concludes: “The BAPC and the IPIA have both worked hard for
decades to help support their members and the wider industry. This
sponsorship initiative gives us both the means to enhance that offering
and strengthen our effectiveness through cooperation and support.” Look
out for event details
For more information on these events please contact:
Brendan@ipia.org.uk Tel: 01785 253 796

Message from Mike

Always get a commitment

One of our members, who runs a modestly-sized business in suburbia was on the phone to the BAPC
office the other day. He had a staff issue which we were able to resolve. After that discussion and the
usual chat about sport, Brexit and the weather he went on to mention that although he was very busy far
too often, he found that when he quoted for work the customer would demand a discount in order to
consider going ahead. Out of a fear of losing the business the printer admitted that he frequently agreed
and reduced his price (often to an uneconomical level). The customer would then state that he needed an
even lower price.
In today’s climate, the customer would probably already have been online to check out your competitors.
Therefore – if you know your products and the market – you can price competitively to meet the
competition – BEFORE the customer asks. In addition, you can vary the price offering by varying the offer
– a bit like buying an airline ticket.
So, if the customer is asking for a premium service and wants a discount – you can offer a “standby”
service with a lower price. In my experience – most customers would prefer to stick with the premium
If you give the customer a choice –you can take back control of the buying (not selling) process.
They end up happy that they asked and confident that – even though they did not get a discount for the
service – they made the commitment for the deal they agreed.
Mike Moradian is BAPC Deputy Chair and CEO Print Express, London
Business News
Look after what’s yours!
The government’s Insolvency Service has discovered that criminals using a
variety of tactics to convince savers to part with their funds, including
persuading individuals to access their pension and invest in unregulated
Pensions scam victims lost an average of £91,000 to criminals is 2018,
according toe the Financial conduct Authority (FCA) research. Criminals use
cold-calling techniques offering free pension reviews to convince their victims to
The Insolvency Service has encouraged savers to be wary of calls that come
out of the blue: seek financial advice before altering any pension arrangements;
and avoid being pressurised into making decisions about their pension.
Consumer Minister Kelly Tolhurst stated “If you are approached to make an
investment from your pension, always do your homework and seek
independent advice, if necessary, to help you make an informed decision. The
government continues to work closely with the Insolvency Service who are
working to clamp down on rogue companies targeting vulnerable people.”

Notes from Nigel
Reflections of an African

For the last 7 years I have taken an extended break to ‘work abroad’ in
South Africa.
Some would call it a holiday but actually I do spend an amount of time
writing articles, penning the odd business book and of course keeping in
touch with the office on the internet thingy!
Like many before me Africa absolutely enchants, fascinates and
frustrates me but more than anything it continuously beckons.
Why? Well, the people are warm and welcoming, the landscape stunning,
the food superb and the weather a consistent and warm 33 degrees or
thereabout throughout December through February.
What’s not to be beckoned? and as I get older, I am reminded of the
Brazilian poet, Mario de Andrade, who says in My Soul has a Hat:
We have two lives and the second only begins when you realise you only
have one.
Africa is also much mis-understood and often relegated to the third
division of news coverage.
I am reminded by a local hotelier (Chris Harvie) writing this that in the
September week that the extreme weather catastrophe, Hurricane
Florence, killed 53 people in the US, floods in Nigeria killed several
hundred people.
One made the international news (guess which) the other didn’t.
Where many of the Americans simply failed to follow advice, the
Nigerians were failed by poverty and a lack of infrastructure.
When Hurricane Michael killed a couple of dozen people it was classed as
‘one of the worst of such events on record’.
On the same day a landslide in Uganda killed more than 500 people
without anyone outside Africa even hearing about it.
It is what it is and maybe because of my ‘Britishness’ I always favour the
I fell in love with South Africa 20 odd years ago when I felt the raw
emotion of a country emerging from a dark past but with conflicting
emotions of hope, fear, ambition, trepidation and desire.
There are still conflicting emotions between the African traditionalists and
African radicals – but when you look around the world where is there not
conflict be it between:
Brexiteers and Remainers, Trump-supporters and Trump-haters, French
government and the ‘gilet jaunes’, Teachers and Pupils, #MeToos and
There is some synergy between the ‘new’ South Africa – i.e. postapartheid
– and my time in franchising – we both have a similar length of
What has Africa taught me that you can apply to running a business?
The most striking thing lesson comes from nature – and I am very lucky
to be surrounded by trees, lakes and rivers that house over 70 species of
bird plus hippos and crocodiles too numerous to count.
It is interesting watching the hippos ‘arriving at school’ every morning to
learn from their ‘elders’ who seek to pass on their experience as ‘best
practice’ just as we the franchisor would to our franchisees.
We also learn nothing comes easy – if you want to succeed then you have
to work damn hard to get there.
But that is not enough – you can’t build a business on sand – every
successful business is built on strong foundations.
Franchisees benefit hugely by having the experience, knowledge, intellect
and on-going support of the franchisor to ensure a robust foundation is
built from day one!
Working together is so much more beneficial than working in conflict.
Conflict can only succeed in the short term – in the long term building a
business or building a new country is all about relationships.
The stronger the relationships between the key players – be it
politicians/landowners/businesses or franchisees and franchisors – then
the greater the opportunity for development.
Similarly, if you are playing golf and come across a crocodile simply
sunning himself then etiquette suggests that you take a free drop and
leave the croc to enjoy his day.
Working together in Africa!!
Now of course the croc could have taken exception to my presence so it
is prudent to remember that in life and in business not everything goes
smoothly all the time and you need to be prepared to confront issues.
Managing a business or running a franchise is like a marriage and you
should accept that in a marriage there will be disagreement and conflict –
and you should be prepared to work your way through any disagreement.
There is a saying out here in Africa.
“It is what it is. We are where we are. And we are going where we are
That may be true – BUT if you have a franchisor, or mentor who has been
where you are going many times before and has worked out the best
route to follow then your journey will be infinitely more rewarding.
Reporting from the veranda of my bungalow in South Africa.
Nigel Toplis is CEO of the Bardon Group
The Solutions Awards 2019
The Solutions Awards 2019 will take place on Tuesday November 12, 2019 at
the Café de Paris in Piccadilly, London. This is a year-long campaign, and our
entrants tell us that they love the fact that they are given so much support from
the organisers – before, during and after the awards – and that they have won
real life business on the back of being part of this initiative, which is a very
powerful differentiator, and an acknowledgement of why it is really worth
It Is completely free to enter, no matter how many times you wish to do so, and
all finalists are given a free ticket to attend the awards as guests.
Online voting takes place each year, and last year there was in excess of
38,400 individual votes.
An entry form, and further details, can be downloaded at www.earthisland.co.uk
For further information, please e-mail susan@earthisland.co.uk

A Campaign to consider
‘Printers against Plastic –
preventing single use waste’

An initiative from ABC Imaging UK ‘Printers Against Plastic’ with one mission; to reduce the
dependency of single use plastic in printing by raising awareness, igniting thought to inspire
change and the sharing of information on viable alternatives.
So far, through a simple set of pledges we have started to reduce the single use plastic in our
offices and print room and also five other print companies have joined and we aim to roll this out
to any print company globally
These include –
· Provide staff with metal/reusable water bottles for refill from a central fountain
· Provide staff with a thermos coffee cup (plus get discounts at coffee shops for reusing)
· Provide mugs for tea/coffee instead of one use cups
· Introduce biodegradable plastic bags on the retail counter
· Supply reusable bags for staff for lunch shopping
· Introduce reusable “bags for life” on the counter and add a “plastoll” to plastic bags
· Introduce paper and biodegradable bubble wrap
· Environmental packing tape
· Reusable mail bags/packing for deliveries to regular clients
· No longer provide plastic comb binding
· Use pencils and metal pens
· Eliminate plastic business card boxes and produce our own
· Encourage clients not to use acetate as covers and look at different options of stock
· Waste foam board/bond to be made into coasters and used as marketing collateral
· Eliminate the use of plastic wallets and add a “plastoll” if required
· Work with our suppliers to reduce their packaging plastic
“Competitors and suppliers to unite as an industry to tackle a cause that is greater than any one
organisation within it. – Adopt the Logo – Adapt to Change”
For further information visit https://printersagainstplastic.com
Sign & Digital UK announces
Coffee Republic founder
Sahar Hashemi
as guest speaker
Sign & Digital UK (SDUK) has announced that one of the UK’s most
inspirational female entrepreneurs, Sahar Hashemi OBE, will be
headlining at the industry-leading sign and display show taking place on
2 to 4 April 2019, at the NEC in Birmingham.
In keeping with SDUK’s theme for 2019 The Face of Innovation and as a
powerful speaker on innovation and entrepreneurial mindset, Sahar
Hashemi will deliver an inspiring keynote on how ‘anyone can do it’ when
it comes to awakening the entrepreneur within. The 11am talk on Tuesday
2 April, taking place in the Main Stage Theatre, will be followed by a Q&A
session during the show’s opening day.
Sahar has been recognised for her achievements as an entrepreneur by
Her Majesty the Queen and named as a ‘Pioneer to the life of the nation.’
She has built two famous brands over the years; Coffee Republic, the
UK’s first coffee bar chain which she grew with her brother to 110 stores
and £30m turnover before exiting in 2001, and Skinny Candy, the guiltfree
confectionery brand that she sold in 2007.
Sahar will use her session at SDUK to share her captivating personal
stories of building successful companies, as well as her expertise and
industry knowledge of creating a brand.
Sahar Hashemi will also take a tour of the show floor, to see some of the
leading suppliers exhibiting at the show.
Sahar Hashemi commented: “I am looking forward to talking at the Sign &
Digital UK show and catching up on all the latest developments in this
vibrant design sector. I will be sharing my thoughts on innovation and the
entrepreneurial mindset and telling my own story of how I built two
household named brands from my kitchen table – Coffee Republic and
Skinny Candy – and hoping to inspire the audience.
“My message is really that ‘anyone can do it’ but also I show people
working in large corporations how to develop that same entrepreneurial
mindset to the benefit of their business goals.”
Rudi Blackett, portfolio director at SDUK, added: “Sahar’s entrepreneurial
experience combined with her ‘can-do’ spirit is truly inspiring, and will
make for an insightful keynote. We’re excited to see her captivate the
audience with her talk that aims to bring to life the passion, determination
and open-mindedness needed to succeed for aspiring entrepreneurs.
We hope visitors and exhibitors will bring their questions to benefit from
Sahar’s expert retail and entrepreneurial knowledge.”
Alongside Sahar’s keynote is a fully-packed seminar programme and a
stellar line-up of industry expert talks, interactive sessions, panel debates
and live demonstrations across the three-day event.
For more information about the free-to-attend event visit www.signuk.com.
Looking forward…
Date – 28th March 2019
Event – EFIA Awards & Gala Dinner
Venue – The Concorde Centre, Manchester Airport
Details – www.efia.uk.com
Date – 2nd-4th April 2019
Event – Sign & Digital UK 2019
Venue – NEC, Birmingham
Details – www.signanddigitaluk.com
Date – 12th November 2019
Event – Solutions Awards
Venue – Cafe de Paris, London
Details -www.earthisland.co.uk
Date – 14th November 2019
Event – The Printing Charity Annual Luncheon
Venue – Stationers’ Hall, London
Details – E-mail