BAPC Leader Spring 2021

BAPC LEADER — SPRING 2021 Issue 1 LEADER BAPC ONE BODY FOR E VERY BODY I NDUS TRY NEWS & BUS I NE SS I NS I GHT With 64 percent of consumers viewing online shopping to be the ‘new normal’, a focus on giving customers options to specify, order and pay for print products and services online has become critical. Embracing eCommerce critical to print business success This is the latest research from nationwide mail and delivery specialist Whistl on the impact of Covid-19 lockdown on consumer behaviour. The figure rises to 70 percent for those at home during the day, including employees working from home and on furlough. Natalie Muckell, Director of Kall Kwik Fleet Street – and a highly proactive BAPC Member – believes the data: “Never did I think having a business in central London would be deemed as a disadvantage. “Our main revenue stream of clients are all being adversely affected which just damages our livelihoods. “Mass working from home can’t carry on forever, we have to get the economy going, but we can’t do that with so much uncertainty. “I can only talk for myself, but the impression I get from my network is that we all know it's essential to move our ‘storefronts’ online. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for business owners.” In a worrying sign for retailers with only physical stores, 42 percent of those surveyed said that the move to shop online rather than on the high street is permanent. For retailers who target an 18 to 24 age demographic the shift is more dramatic, with a staggering 55 percent saying they will not return to the high street. Melanie Darvall, Director Marketing and Communications, Whistl, said: “Our research is a wake-up call for retailers large and small who do not have an online presence. There is an unquestionable move away from the high street. It is unlikely they will be coming back to buy non-food items.” A key trend witnessed by the British Association for Print and Communication (BAPC) has been a rapid migration of members towards eCommerce business models over the last six months, leveraging specialisms to reach wider audiences while tying up with trade printers to take care of commoditised items. If you would like free advice and support about how to move your print business online to access new markets email The research fromWhistl was undertaken with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK adults BAPC Thornbury Room, Unit 7, Netham View Industrial Park, Netham Rd, Bristol, BS5 9PQ tel: + 44 (0) 796 962 8839 web: email: Editor: Brendan Perring email: Layout: Portland Media web: Print: Where the Trade Buys web: © Copyright 2021 published by British Association for Print & Communication. The Publishers do not necessarily agree with the views expressed by contributors, nor do they accept any responsibility for any errors of interpretation in the content. Stock for this publication was kindly sponsored by Antalis Ltd . Text: Nautilus SuperWhite 100gsm Envelopes: Conqueror CX22 Diamond White email: web: tel: 01530 505 150 “Never did I think having a business in central London would be deemed as a disadvantage.” – Natalie Muckell – Kall Kwik Fleet Street